LiquiBand® Flex

Combines the speed and convenience you want with the strength and flexibility you need.

LiquiBand® Flex

LiquiBand® Flex
LiquiBand® Flex

Key Features

LiquiBand® Flex combines the speed and convenience you want with the flexibility and strength you need.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Safe Applicator

  • LiquiBand® Flex has a safe applicator with wings to aid further safety and control


  • LiquiBand® Flex contains an octyl-blend polymerising into a flexible fillm providing strong and secure wound closure

Variety of surgical procedures

  • LiquiBand® Flex is suitable for the topical closure of skin wounds which are a result of a variety of surgical procedures including: General & GI surgery (Laparascopy & Laparotomy), Plastic surgery, OBS & gynae (Episiotomy, C-Section), Neurosurgery (Craniotomy, shunts), Orthopedic surgery2

Fast set time

  • LiquiBand® Flex sets on wounds in less than 60 seconds

Design Features

Design Features

1 Violet tint

  • Makes it easy to see during application

2 Easy to activate

  • Unique, click-and-use winged applicator, removing the risk of glass shard injury

Only one application needed

  • Ensuring adhesive stays intact throughout the wound healing process
  • Naturally sloughs off within 5-10 days

Improved patient care

  • Low exothermic reaction1
  • Patient can shower immediately



High Tensile Strength

Superior tensile strength proven in a controlled bench study measuring the tensile strength of LiquiBand® Flex versus other topical skin adhesives
Newton (N)

Microbial Barrier3

  • Provides a strong, secure, and effective microbial barrier1
  • Protection proven against Gram-positive, Gram-negative, and fungi microbes – locks out S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, E. coli, Candida albicans and MRSA3

Sizes & Codes

LiquiBand® Flex
ProductProduct CodeVolume per EachEach per Box
LiquiBand® FlexLBF 0060.8g6


References 1. Data on file at Advanced Medical Solutions (Plymouth) Ltd. 2. Toriumi et al. (1998) A use of octyl2-cyanoacrylate for skin closure in facial: Plastic Reconstructive Surgery: Nov 102 (6) 2209-19. 3. McAuli e, J (2010) Microbial barrier properties of LiquiBand LiquiSeal : an in vitro study. 
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