LiquiBand® Flow Control

A fast and reliable wound closure.

LiquiBand® Flow Control

LiquiBand® Flow Control
LiquiBand® Flow Control

Key Features

The superior control of LiquiBand® Flow Control allows clinicians to confidently and safely close wounds specifically around the eye and within the facial triangle. Perfectly suited for use in the Emergency Department.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Perfectly suited for use in Emergency Departments

  • Contains sterile butyl cyanoacrylate and is designed for closure of clean fresh wounds where the edges are easily apposed.
  • Has a Flow Control precision applicator ideal for use on the facial triangle1.
  • Non invasive and no risk of needle stick injury.

Enhanced Patient Benefits

  • Acts as a water resistant barrier2, patients can shower without compromising the wound closure.
  • An effective microbial barrier to high level challenges of gram-positive and gram-negative species.
  • When used correctly LiquiBand® Flow Control provides a safe, fast closure with excellent post-operative cosmesis.

Design Features

Design Features

1 Flow control applicator

  • Developed to provide a controlled and continuous flow of adhesive
  • Providing ease of use and excellent cosmetic outcome

Enhanced patient benefits3

  • Allows patients to shower straight after use helping with hygiene and improve overall comfort

Fast set time4

  • 100% pure butyl formulation
  • Strong secure closure with a low viscosity ensuring an even, thin layer is applied


1.Schofield, G (2010) Combined results of a tri centre case studies in the clinical e ectiveness of LiquiBand and LiquiBand Flow Control 2.Singer et al. (2007) The cyanoacrylate topical skin adhesives The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 26:490-496 3. Naz et al. (1997) Evaluation of a new tissue adhesive for closure of Laparoscopic surgical incision in day surgery: The Journal of One Day Surgery VOL 17:3 4. B-LB-05-1/12 Data of amalgamation of the results from multiple studies undertaken to evaluate the use of LiquiBand Tissue Adhesive in the closure the epidermis of surgical wounds – 18th April 2001.
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Sizes & Codes

LiquiBand® Flow Control 

ProductProduct CodeVolume per EachEach per Box
LiquiBand® Flow ControlLB FC 00100.5g10

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